Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pause in Japan Visit!!! My Kids are HOME!!!!!

                 Our version of what they saw                              

 Just hanging out waiting for the plane to land!

 What we saw!!

 I know this one is blurry, but you still get the feeling of what was happening!!!

We LOVE you Spratts and are really glad you are HOME!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Day 11 in Tokyo!

Ok this is one loooooooooooooong post!  And I'm pretty sure this picture here is from the day before.  These are all just plastic!  There is a store where you can buy them so you can use them at the restaurant you own! Ha!  Crazy!  Ok there is more than one of these stores!
So today we headed to the Beach in Kamakura.  This is what it looks like when you come out of the train station.
Loved the paved road!  I'm guessing this took a while to do!
This is a cute little corner that had mirrors so you could see what was coming the other ways...I tried to take a picture so you could see all 4 streets at the intersection but yeah it didn't work.  I did think the huge no smoking sign was weird.

Yes this cute little beach town decorated for Christmas also!  Isn't it cute!  Don't worry there is more Christmas pictures coming...
Wow, you wouldn't see this is Boise...a little carriage a taxi
Yep there is some more Christmas decorations...can you see it?
Let me help you out!  On every light pole there is one of these cute trees.
Can't remember why I took this one.  Maybe when I see it bigger I will know! careful of tsunamis....yikes maybe I don't want to go to the beach...we are still a ways away!
Cute little walking path, like our green belt.
Ok we have seen more ambulances than police cars or fire trucks.
Here is one of the cute little Police stations that are on almost every corner in Tokyo.
Another tsunami sign...this one an evacuation route
Lots of little stores
Another train station

Ha!  What is Tim doing over there?
A cute little weird shaped house
The Ocean!
We are almost there!!!

Growing up in Washington right on the beach I can say I never saw a sign like this!!!  Yikes!
The sun messed with this picture but it's still kinda cool!
Loved this, has all the direction on it!
The Beach!  It looks nice an warm but it was freezing!  The wind was blowing really hard, look at our hair and we have on our gloves.

This is a good hair picture
Ok we can't go all the way to Japan and not get in the matter how cold it is/was

Let's just say we were hit by a big didn't matter that we rolled up our pant legs...TerrieBeth was switching back and forth with the cameras, she caught it on the phone.  We had this great idea of using the facet by the bathrooms to wash the sand off our feet, well I was waiting for Tim to get done and saw another one so I thought why wait, I'm freezing and just want to get my shoes and socks back on...well I didn't pay much attention to what I was doing and turn the knob, yeah it was the shower, so to say the least I got a little wetter.  TerrieBeth took a picture of how wet but I can't find it!
One last picture of how pretty it was!
I'm talking a picture of the building across the street, can't remember what it was.  Goodness I need younger eyes!
Look Daisy...there is a Cafe named after you!!!
 It's right next to the fire station!  Kinda tiny right???
 The walking path again.
 Some kind of citrus fruit they have ...can't remember the name.
 Tim taking a picture of the fruit or a spider....they have crazy spiders there.
 This path is behind houses, so there is little gate and entry ways all along it.
 Here you can see how wet Tim got...look at his pants, we were cold!
 A roof top terrace
 Next we got to go see Big Budda!!!
 These are the guys that guard him! 
 On the way in one man stopped us to ask if we were from America, he wanted to use his English he had learned.  He was funny and asked if we come to take Big Budda home with us.  I can't remember how he put it, then he giggled.  Yep we rounded the corner and found out why!  Of course TB knew all along!

 We are just specks standing next to him

 We even got to go inside him!  Fun!!!

 TB said the spirits went right through her and I was lucky enough to catch it on camera

 They must have went though Tim too!

 Those stairs are not steep at all!  And how do you stay to the right when they are so narrow!
 The fall colors

 Big Budda's shoes
 The birds like the top of his head!

So we had some time to kill so we decided to go to the end of the street and see what we could see

We found a tunnel and some we decided to take the stairs because we never got to climb any stairs why we were there!  Ok just kidding, we thought maybe it would lead to the shrine where you could wash your money to gain riches, or something like that.  John had told us about it so we thought we would see if that is where these stairs lead.

What more stairs!!!

A dead snake on the trail!!  Yikes!

The town we were just in!!

The ocean we were just at.
Yep it was stairs or hopping over roots...Due to a misunderstanding on the time we had to head back we never made it to the shrine.  So we don't know if it was the money one or not.  But it was a pretty hike.  And believe it or not there was a lot of people that we passed here and there. 
We had lunch at Jammin Kamakura
I had Avocado's and chips
Tim had some Jamaican  chicken dish
TerrieBeth had a different chicken dish

Tim and TerrieBeth had crepes before we headed up the mountain, and TerrieBeth said they were the best crepes she has had, making her think they needed to try a different crepe place.  So we did that night

They all agreed this was the better and was now their new favorite crepes places!
Ok this we found interesting and funny....since they had turned on the Christmas lights on the main street, they had officers out there making sure people didn't stop in the middle while crossing to take pictures...they wouldn't say anything to us, we stopped fast,(pictures on cell phones), but if someone who was Japanese stopped they would start yelling at them...poor people

Totally crazy....they also had people out guarding the walking bridge since the lights were on you could not go up on them....weird it would have been the perfect place for pictures!
Ok I know we ate dinner somewhere this night but I don't seem to have any pictures of it and can't remember where it was...maybe Tim or TerrieBeth can fill us in!